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Zhenjiang Zhongmei Electronic Co., Ltd established in April 1993, is a corporate enterprises and province-level new & high technology enterprise which integrates research and development, product manufacturing, system integration and after-sales service and has passed ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification. It is the enterprise observing contract and keeping promise of AAAA level, the well-known manufacturer in the coal mine safety monitoring equipment manufacturing industry.

Headquarters of Zhenjiang Zhongmei Electronic Co., Ltd is located in Zhenjiang of Jiangsu Province and is in the middle of the Yangtze River Delta. The Yangtze River and the Grande Canal constitute golden waterway are intersect here, the Beijing to Shanghai, Nanjing to Shanghai High-speed train directly connect, HuNing, YangLi and YanJiang highway runs through the city, traffic is very convenient. Zhenjiang is a city with mountains and rivers, is the famous historical and cultural city. There are Jiaoshan, Golden hill, BeiGu hill and Nanshan scenic area of well-known.

The company has production area of more than 50 thousands square foot with independent property right, covering a modern workshop of more than 600 thousands square foot and total assets more than USD 45 millions.

The company’s chairman Jia Baiqing is a founder and a technical leader of the enterprise, a senior expert of coal mine safety monitoring industry, the designer of the 1st coal mine monitoring system of model WDJ-1 in China in 1980 which won the 3rd prize for the 3rd session of the National Science& Technology Progress, the inventor for the 1st time and minute-system monitoring system (A-1) in China. He takes science& technology carders to form a powerful Zhongmei brain trust and integrate a lot of excellent talents in all aspects that has became the most powerful R& D team in the field. There are more than 100 employees in the company including 36 people of senior titles and college graduates accounted for 50% of the number. The company has established ERP enterprise resource management system and formed an organic whole to achieve maximum overall efficiency.

In order to enhance innovation capability recent years, the company adheres to the "manufacture-study-research" model of development. Tsinghua University, China University of Mining (Beijing), Jiangsu University and many other universities have set up close ties to the company which will bring innovative research results from college quickly converted into innovative products. In 2010 Academician Workstation in enterprise of Jiangsu Provincewas officially allowed to establish in Zhenjiang Zhongmei Electronic Co., Ltd Academician Wu Cheng belongs to Tsinghua University personally went to the company to negotiate about researching and developped the project of Coal mine digital integrated key technology research and platform development, and proposed the new ideas of Intelligent mines’. In the same year, Digital monitoring and Engineering Research Center of Jiangsu province was founded in Zhenjiang Zhongmei, which provided powerful, intellectual and technical support for rapid, healthy and sustainable development of the company.


In 2000, the company was offered free financing of 800 thousand yuan for innovation fund by the Ministry of Science& Technology and Ministry of Finance.


The company was awarded “High& New Science& Technology Enterprise” by Jiangsu Office for Science& Technology in September, 2003.


The company passed ISO9001:2000 international quality management system certification in 2004.


In 2004 Zhenjiang People's Government conferred the title of ‘Advanced Unit for Science& Technology Progress’.


In 2005 Jiangsu People's Government awarded the title of Famous enterprise of Jiangsu Province.


In 2006, the company was offered free financing of 1 million yuan for science& technology achievements conversion by Zhenjiang Bureau of Science& Technology and Finance Bureau.


In 2008, the company was offered free financing of 5 million yuan for key science& technology achievements conversion and free financing of soft loan of 2 million yuan by Jiangsu Office of Science& Technology and Office of Finance


The company has been awarded Enterprise Observing Contract and Keeping Promise by Zhenjiang People’s Government for continuous 15 years.


In 2009, Engineering Technology Research Center of Zhenjiang was established in the company.


In 2010, Digital monitoring and Engineering Research Center of Jiangsu province was established.


In 2010, Academician Workstation in enterprise of Jiangsu Province was established.

In 2011, the company awarded the title of Private Technology Enterprises of Jiangsu Province.


In 2011, the company awarded the title of Standardization and Demonstration Enterprises for Intellectual Property Management of Jiangsu Province.


Following the requirements of construction and improvement about "monitoring, personnel positioning, emergency rescue, air pressure self-help, water rescue and communication" from National Security Supervision Bureau and National Administration of coal mine safety , more than 50 kinds of products have been awarded the “MA” logo of the company.


KJ101N Safety monitoring system for mine

KJ101 gas drainage monitoring system

KJ101N whole series of mining sensor

KJ106 mine personnel management system

JSG8 Tube type fire alarm system for mine

KJ101N digital integrated information platform of mining fiber Ethernet loop

KJ101N wireless communication system of digital mine

KTW120 mine multi-channel wireless scheduling communication system

KJ101N mine broadcasting communication system

KJ111 mine explosion-proof network video system

And so on…

With ten years of innovation and development about the KJ101N Safety monitoring system for minethe company have awarded dozens of invention and utility model patent. In 2006, the system passed the 3-level electromagnetic compatibility testing for the first time, and is the only monitoring product free of error alarm, error power failure and abnormal large numbers. This system is famous in China for advanced technology, excellent quality, fine technology and performance. The company spares no efforts in advancing the brand strategy. ‘No done, no excellence’ is our slogan. Each product have issued ‘Production License’ and has passed test of National Mine Equipment Testing Center for Safe Production , received certificate of approval of explosion-proof electrical equipment’ and safety certificate of approval for mining products’ awarded by ‘National Safety Certificate of Approval Center for Mining Products. So far 23 product standard were formulated by the company.

Through nearly 10 years of developmentthe company established independent R & D and innovation team, formed the management system of proprietary intellectual property rights and brand innovation. Patent application work carried out since 2003. In 2003, one national invention patent was applied and was awarded by State Intellectual Property Bureau in July 26, 2006. Meanwhile, it won the Excellent Patent Award of 5th in Jiangsu. The company gained 4 invention patents, 16 utility model patents, 38 appearance design patents, 8 pieces of software copyright and 6 registered trademarks.

Zhenjiang Zhongmei Electronic Co., Ltd pursues distinctive innovative business ideas, allowing users to rest assured that the integrity of style and excellent brand strategy will become your reliable friend!